Saturday, October 14, 2017

Bullwinkles Eatery, Woodstock, AVIVA Community Fund Entry, 2017

Bullwinkles Eatery is an amazing and creative alternative to the Traditional Soup Kitchen and was started in 2016 by Operation Sharing and is held at the Moose Lodge in Woodstock, Ontario.  For decades, soup kitchens helped feed those who were socio-economically disadvantaged.  Although intended to support people in need, that approach in many ways subtly continued to create barriers among members of society, even if that wasn't the intent.  By helping support Bullwinkle's Eatery in the AVIVA Community Fund Contest, you can help them continue to 'build their dream'.

Bullwinkle's is open to the public, and all members of society are encouraged to come dine during the Tuesday and Thursday buffet style lunch. The cost of a lunch is on a sliding 'donation' scale, so that all can discreetly pay what they can afford.  I myself paid what I considered equal to eating out at a restaurant, while others may donate as little as 50 cents or a dollar!  I like that I am helping support an important community wellness initiative, and it is a wonderful way to meet new people.

As a Career Counsellor, I also like that it allows individuals who become part of the Hospitality Training Program to develop a skill set which will be helpful in the working or volunteer world. Patrons of Bullwinkles are served food prepared by participants of that program, and they in turn are under the guidance of a trained chef.

This is just one interesting and forward thinking program being implemented by Operation Sharing. It  is my hope that you will want to support their vision for a healthier and kinder community.

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