Wednesday, February 15, 2012

'Returning to the Past': Join a Local Food Revolution with Author Gord Hume

Oh my.  So many jobs seem to have gone 'way of the wind'.  Local food production and sourcing is definitely one of those challenges. It is a shame that all too often, we are busy more with food importing rather than exporting.  This is sad from both an economic perspective, but also from a personal lifestyle perspective. Perhaps you will be interested in hearing a knowledgeable gentleman and author speak about the critical importance of local food production, and how we can fit into the equation. Here are some details; I urge you to sign up as soon as possible for this event, for it is free and seating is limited.  : ) 

Author Gord Hume Speaks on “The Local Food Revolution”

The Local Food Revolution
Tuesday, March 6th 7:00pm
Quality Hotel & Suites
580 Bruin Boulevard, Woodstock ON
RSVP: Tourism Oxford
519-539-9800 x 3355 or 1-866-801-7368

The local food revolution is changing how people think about nutrition, agriculture, the local economy, the health of our children and how municipalities must play a critical role in changing how we design our cities, embrace local food production and deal with
waste. Gord Hume’s very topical speech will outline critical elements of the responsibility of local communities in this complex food chain, what we can all do to improve the local food opportunities, and why the health of our citizens and our community rests in our hands.”

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