Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Add Some Latitude to your Attitude

All too often, our judgment, self esteem, and perception of ourselves (and of others) becomes clouded by struggles we have faced in life.  Emotional 'static' can start interfering with us moving beyond an issue.  A job loss can be one such struggle.  In Western society, we tend to place considerable emphasis on our 'working life' roles.  Sometimes, before we know it, we smile less often, show frustration more often,  and perhaps start seeing the world through a mirky lense.  Yet the shift can be something of which we are not entirely aware and for which we have no conscious plan to circumvent the subtle or obvious downhill slide. 

Try your best to maintain a positive focus each and every day, even if at first it feels a bit robotic, which it might.  By creating rituals in your day (positive and practical ones that is!), you are more likely to prevent yourself from heading towards a slippery slope of depression or apathy, for instance.  So keep your 'ship's sails' true and strong, so you head towards shore rather than an undertow.

A Few Tidbits to Consider:  
  • Make sure your day and week are planned out somewhat so that you have a framework of daily and weekly action plans; use something concrete such as electronic or paper calendars and schedulers to keep you on track.
  • Create and refresh a daily to do list.  Make it realistic, but also make it slightly challenging.  Cross them off as you get to them.  Anything you don't accomplish, reassess and reintegrate it into the next day. More seems to get done when you can visualize and manage clear and timely objectives. And stick 'to do it'. 
  • Treat and reward yourself for your efforts.  It may be time with friends, your favourite flavoured ice cream on a hot summer's day, or a walk within the peace and tranquility of a nearby trail system. Find what works 'for you'. 

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Catherine Stewart-Mott; Forward Momentum Services