Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cast your Net'Work'.

Are you a natural networker?  Some people who consider themselves to be Chatty Cathy's (pardon the pun on my own name!) automatically assume this makes them great networkers as well!  Not so in the real world, where 'how and why' you say things is as important as the fact that you are opening your mouth and letting sounds come out.  

Networking is in fact an art of sorts.  It requires confidence and creativity, as well as determination and design. Networking is communicating with a purpose.  Generally, the purpose should be to develop relationships,  the more the better, with some being more powerful than others, of course. 

Imagine dropping a stone in water.  You will see a ripple effect as the impact of the stone hitting the water creates outward waves.  This is what you are trying to create with networking, except of course, the waves are people rather than ripples in water.  

Why not do a some online research and find out a little more about networking, all on your own?  Google terms such as networking pdf, networking PPT's, networking you-tube, networking articles, networking quizzes, so on and so forth.  It is rather amazing the diversity of information out there at your disposal; you just need to take the time to tap into it. That said, be mindful that not all sources of information are equally relevant, reliable and accurate, so do your research, compare your results, and look for patterns to help you think more critically about the 'resources' you do encounter.  

For me, networking is relatively natural, but it is still something I realize has to be done with care and thought.  Sometimes, 'chatty Cathy's can speak impulsively and off the tip of their tongues, and that is not necessarily in one's best interests, so learn to network with skill and style so you don't end up with your foot in your mouth!  

And in doing so, maybe you will reel in a job or some great leads!  

All the power to you as you cast your 'network'.  Remember, developing networks is an investment ... you are developing 'social capital', and you want to keep 'investing so the well does not run dry.

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Catherine Stewart-Mott; Forward Momentum Services