Sunday, March 17, 2013

Samantha Halyk: Student Reporter Extrordinarie!

In the summer of 2012, I had the pleasure of meeting a young lady who happened to be hired as a radio reporter for her summer break.  I was at a rally in Woodstock to protest Federal Omnibus Bill C-38, and Samantha Halyk rolled in via the Heart FM summer cruiser vehicle to cover our story.  There was just something about this young lady that tweaked my interest, and in seeing her at yet another event, I thought she might like to write a story about an older historian from Beachville and his 'take' on the proposed landfill for that area.  So I asked, and she obliged!  Alhough coincidental, I would learn that Samantha also shared Charlie Reeve's passion for history.  Before long the two of them were telling tales from which a feature article cystalized; the article was added to the OPAL (Oxford People Against Landfills) website.  And here it is!

I have kept in touch with Samantha off and on since that time, primarily via email since she has been away at school. Now fast forward ... when I learned of her 'intended' aussie adventure, I wanted to help her along if I could.  After all, her goal would be a dream come true for me too; so heck, I don't mind living vicariously through her youthful energy and exhurberance.  And I would LOVE to follow her blog, as I know it would be chock full of energy, adventure, and insight.

Given I am a Career Consultant by trade, I applaud Samantha's determination to make the most out of life while also finding creative ways to build her career. Help 'me' help this amazing young lady along in her quest to be a 'Blogging Down Under' contestant winner.  Sign up on this site and 'support her'!

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Catherine Stewart-Mott; Forward Momentum Services