Saturday, October 18, 2014

Jordan Kent: Facing the Future with Forward Momentum

Some time ago, I wrote a blog about my own experience running in an election.  In fact, I have tossed my hat into the ring twice, once federally and once provincially.  Most of the candidates who ran alongside me were somewhat like myself with either a few strands of grey hair or a head full of it.  Our combined years for each election probably put us at about 230 years or so in total.  That is a lot of 'experience', but as a career counsellor, I would say something was missing from the table.  An investment in the future, meaning youth.

As I enjoy creating videos or blog articles about 'people' and their careers, experiences and aspirations, I offered candidates via a social media plug an opportunity to define 'stewardship', a term which I think is important for everyone to contemplate and embrace. Jordan Kent from Drumbo, Ontario took me up on my offer.  He is a business owner.  He is mature and wise and carries himself with composure and confidence.  There was just one thing missing, the grey hair.  Or at least I couldn't see any!  But then again, he is currently a 19 year old who started a business at age 17. My curiosity was peaked.  Although it really was not my intention to capture more footage than "What does stewardship mean to you?", I found myself intrigued by his maturity, insight and determination to make a difference and my short visit became a little longer in length.

So I challenged this industrious young man to answer a few more questions, which resulted in this';in the moment' unrehearsed video. He can most definitely hold his own, and it is my belief that he would hold his own if voted in by constituents in his area of Blandford-Blenheim.  Speaking of voting, one particular question I asked him related to encouraging youth participation in politics. Check out the video and hear how he answered this question as well as others. 

Jordan, best of luck in the October 27 election.  You set a great example for youth both within and outside of politics.

p.s. Check out another video featuring Jordan as well as a young woman from Woodstock.  Both are 'defining' stewardship.  Jordan is the second speaker.
Link:  Perspectives on Stewardship - Stewardship in Action YouTube Channel 

Catherine Stewart-Mott
Forward Momentum Services
Woodstock, ON