Sunday, October 23, 2016

Woodstock Ontario Swiffers in Action .. for Habitat for Humanity!

What do you do to help spiff up and be involved in your community?  Here, local residents pitch in to help Habitat for Humanity and Woodstock ReStore, in their quest to generate funds for Habitat for Humanity Builds.  Check out the associated Playlist (see below) on YouTube, and please consider commenting, liking and sharing the videos in your social media circuit to help us in our quest! Our local store could help Habitat for Humanity in the local area win $10,000 towards H4H builds. :)

Link to more videos, all theme related!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

It Ain't Fun if It Ain't a Challenge! 'ReStoring' Faith in Community!

I typically enjoy meeting people, as well as selling 'principles and values' if not the average product.  So when asked to help out with a campaign which would support Habitat for Humanity Home Builds, I was in there like a dirty dish rag, as they say.  My goal is to create publicity and exposure for the 'Swiffer Campaign' which has Swiffer partnering with ReStores across Canada to raise awareness about ReStores, Habitat for Humanity, and of course, Swiffer!  Plus, the campaign aligns with ReStores existence in Canada for 25 years, so happy Anniversay, ReStore!  

In just a couple days, I have 'sort of accosted' folks at ReStore and convinced a total stranger to be the 'star' of my first Swiffer/ReStore video (see 'Swiffer, the Absolute Best' video below).  That same day, I talked a co-worker into dusting the office (with a unique 'Heather-style' flair) and share her 'Swiffer' perspective on film. That one has yet to be posted.  And the day did not end until I had videotaped a dance school troop in action, with steps and choreography ready to go within an hour, and of course, with Swiffers in hand!  Mind you, some had dust mops as props, but they were Swiffer products.  That one too is in the queue.

 A heads up about an added incentive to stop by ReStore.  A $1 donation to Habitat for Humanity will be made by Swiffer for each ReStore customer transaction until Oct 31. Help build Habitat 4 Humanity Homes in the Oxford County area, or elsewhere, depending upon where you reside!   Plus ... you can get a free Swiffer duster at ReStore with your purchase, while supplies last. 

Restore Woodstock is located at 1058 Parkinson Road, Woodstock! 
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