Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Vote for Zach McCabe ... 'Before the Moment's Gone'!

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The title of this blog is in fact a play on words, as not only is ‘Before the Moment’s Gone’ the name of a song, it could also be seen as a message about the importance of daily voting in a current community supported music contest.  So let’s get to it as it is my hope you will help Zach McCabe receive an early and amazing Christmas gift by voting for him until Nov 27th!

Envision this for yourself.  A glass of wine, relaxing alongside a crackling fire, and of course tuning into a Zach McCabe song as a wonderful and fitting way to enjoy a light-hearted and music filled evening.   I first heard of Zach McCabe in a 2015 ‘Made in London’ music contest, where he was featured as a top 3 finalist with his song ‘Journey’, and with good reason.  As evidenced by his talent, he is again a top three finalist in this year’s contest thanks to his amazing vocal talent and an original song co-written with Canadian singer/songwriter, Dean McTaggart.  

Zach’s soulful voice is an absolute pleasure to listen to, but what I love about him is that he also embraces opportunities to partner with others in the music industry, such as Dean McTaggart, and the lovely Julia Haggarty.  As a thank you last year to their voters, Zach and Julia performed their version of ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ which brought a smile to my face and most certainly given the chill in the air as I write this, it seems a fitting song to reflect upon as we enter the cold winter months and the Christmas season!

Do yourself a favour and stop by the ‘Made in London’ contest site (link below) and listen to Zach’s entry.  I would be honoured as I am sure Zach would be, if you would consider casting a vote for him in this year’s contest!  He can win a $6000.00 studio time contract, which is a wonderful way to help catapult a well-deserved career!  And what an amazing Christmas gift that would be from the community at large, don't you think?   

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With much appreciation,

Cathy Stewart-Mott