Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Marcia Herteis: Powering Her Journey to Success

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How does one woman's uplifting (pardon the pun!) powerlifting story serve to remind us of the power of perseverance, planning and positivity within our daily and working lives?  While building her career, Marcia Herteis exemplified the three P's, which led to success within her sales based career. In our world of constant flux, the ability to forage ahead despite obstacles in our path is critical to one's success, and Marcia possesses perseverance, planning and positivity in spades. And those qualities have served her well on many occasions.

Marcia has embraced a life founded on personal meaning. Wanting to lose some weight, she first took up kick-boxing with that in mind, but the sense of intrinsic reward in each goal achieved was reward in itself. Despite how challenging workouts could be, Marcia persevered long after others fell away. Upon her coach's advisement and in response to her own innate curiosity (and after getting over momentary concerns she would look like a muscle-bound body builder!), Marcia added powerlifting to her workout regime and came to love the added challenge.  She set a goal for herself, which was to beat the Canadian powerlifting record in June of 2013. So with a plan of action laid out before her, she set forth on her journey to compete in the Canadian Powerlifting Championships.

As happens with life, curveballs inevitably enter the picture. Marcia maintained, and in fact increased, her training schedule. This despite the fact that restructuring at her company led to embarking on a career search one month prior to the powerlifting competition.  Marcia wisely recognized that maintaining a positive outlook was vital to both her competitive and career success. 

Heart pounding and cameras flashing in her face, Marcia steadfastly maintained focus and exceeded her goal by breaking not one, but four national records at the Powerlifting Championships.  Having met Marcia as she embarked upon the next step in her career journey and still weeks prior to her powerlifting competition, I saw firsthand how this amazing young woman has applied the principles of perseverance, planning and positivity as she undertakes one of the most conscientious job searches I have witnessed.

In addition to having her come in to do a guest presentation, I asked her for a few comments regarding her philosophy on life and how she feels it translates to increasing one's odds in a job search. Summarized below are her nuggets of wisdom that I hope many will take to heart and put to action.
  1. Decide it is time for a change and then 'plan' to take ACTION!
  2. Set small (daily) goals for yourself, such as applying for two jobs daily or having three conversations with people in your community (who knows who their contacts may be!).
  3. Stay committed to and focused upon reaching those small goals.  NO MATTER WHAT.  Don't allow excuses like "I'm too tired today." to get in the way of your success. 
  4. When everyone else gives up, don't follow.
  5. Track your progress so that your results are visible. Without tracking, how do you know how far you have come?
  6. Stay positive!  Something that seems like a setback can actually turn into an amazing opportunity.  

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Community is What You Make It

Several days ago, I went to an evening event hosted by the Lion's Club of Woodstock (Ontario).  It was Lions Club Member Jennifer Harrington who extended the invitation to me, and I am happy she did!  It turned out to be a great time, with a lot of effort put forth both in planning the event and during the various 'stage performances' that liberally peppered the evening. The night was filled with an abundance of music and laughter, with the emphasis placed upon a rock and roll theme complimented by a good dose of comedy. The event  required the participation and actions of many, including some professional musicians, up and coming singers, and lots of regular Jane's and Joe's, both behind the scenes and on stage!  Indeed ... it was a combined effort ... members of a club planned a pleasant evening, but equally important was that members of the community enjoyed and supported their efforts. 

Admittedly (and quite purposefully) some of the actors were slightly 'less than' professional performers, but that did not stop them from making the audience chuckle with their creative and kooky antics.  It actually made it that much more charming and enjoyable. We observed many lightning sharp skits which had their roots in jokes.  I can just imagine Lion's Club members merrily scouring the Internet in search of 'zingers' which could be turned into mini-skits.  

In addition to Elvis impersonator David Thomas entertaining the masses, a  mock men's synchronized swim team 'dove' into the fun; I especially laughed when their delicate little tippy toes raised from the 'water', which was nothing more than a blue tarp raised vertically to hide the rest of their bodies. Music and comedy  then intermixed via a clever rendition of a Patsy Cline song laced with a rebel tone, which left many wondering how many more items could be extracted from ... one's bosom area.  Another song was dedicated to a backyard squirrel by the band 'Highway 19', and what evening would be complete without a couple of operatic performances and a Lion's Club choir, of sorts? (Really, one can sound GOOD when drowned out by those around you!)

So many people coming together for community and a cause! Lions Clubs focus their energies both within their regions and beyond.  A little research led me to discover that there are 1.35 million Lions Club members on planet Earth, supporting both local and world-wide needs. A core belief is "Community is what we make it."  The local Lions Club worked hard to make this particular evening something the community could enjoy, be proud of, while also contributing to the betterment of the community as a whole, in that funds raised were directed to Sakura House Hospice. 

Amazing job, Lions Club Woodstock!  

Do check out my other blog topics while on here!  I love writing about people and what inspires them.  I also discuss various career and employee development topics, usually with a dash of humour or a grain of salt! I welcome you to join me, and to leave a comment!

Catherine Stewart-Mott; Forward Momentum Services