Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Developing Video Creation Skills in a Fun Way

Well, I thought it was time I worked on further developing some of those skills helpful to creating and maintaining an online presence.  I have utilized a blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, Hoote Suite, Twitter, Google+, etc, and yes, youtube.  But I never really took creating videos to a slightly deeper level until today.  So, off I went to Windows Live Movie Maker to check out the program. 

The result is my first attempt at adding a bit more of a creative flair to my videos.  As my 'subject' is close to my heart, I thought she would be a good 'star' with whom to work. So meet Kiara, Heinz '3' dog ... malamute, husky, and a dose of something else. Apparently a BIG DOSE of the something, given the look of her. I must say it really was fun to imagine what a dog might be thinking when watching Kiara via the video.  

I am sure this will be the first of a few videos to come.  They may not all feature the dog though! 

But I digress. My next step?  Maybe using youtube to promote and showcase a local initiative with which I am involved.  I am coordinating the Thames River Cleanup in the Woodstock area (Apr 19th) and it is my hope to have videos and photos sent to me from participating cleanup crew members. My plan is to morph the results into material to be added to a new youtube site I hope to create.  One specifically for the Thames River cleanup.  It is just an idea right now, but if I don't take action, it won't become reality!

So I am accomplishing a few things here.  Maintaining an online presence, developing video editing skills, helping in my community, all while having fun and in today's case, entertaining the dog.  Hmmm, I think that a more accurate statement is that the dog was entertaining me.  Poor pooch!