Wednesday, March 22, 2017

'Go With the Flow' this Coming Earth Day, April 22, 2017

Isn't that pup in the video just the cutest creature?  He has a loving family to keep him safe both at home and on the water!

There are lots of other 'creatures' that rely on a healthy ecosystem for their survival, including those that live within and along the Thames River System.  It is in fact ... their home.  Since the year 2000, when the Thames was designated as a Canadian Heritage River, countless communities have pitched in for an annual sprucing up of the river and its banks and associated trail systems. Three pillars of the river's designation include:

  • the river's value in terms of its recreational benefits (such as in the attached video!)
  • it's cultural/historical significance (with hopefully a video to come!)
  • it's environmental significance and our influence/impact (check out the YouTube channel below. 

Have you partaken in the beauty of the river system?  Have you given back by helping assure its continued health?  Why not join up within your community to help 'spring clean' the river, while also taking in its beauty. (for contacts in your community, registration ballots, safety video, and additional valuable information within the website.

And there are lots of Thames River Cleanup videos within a playlist on my YouTube channel.  Stewardship in Action on YouTube

Best Regards,
Cathy Stewart